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Serving East Texas for over 30 Years
Serving East Texas for over 30 Years

East Texas Swimming Pool Experts Questions & Answers

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Liner, gunite or shotcrete pool?

The strongest pool is a "shotcrete" shell – the ready-mix 6,000 psi shotcrete is air applied to a steel basket. We at Custom Pool Designs are unique in East Texas as we are the only company that uses shotcrete.

Salt or chlorine pool?

Both salt and chlorine systems are chlorine pools.  A saline pool has an imperceptible amount of salts suspended in the water. There is not enough salt in the pool to taste, smell or to corrode anything around you pool or in your yard. Sodium Chloride (salt) is broken down in the cell to create "chlorine" bubbles at a continuous slow rate.

How long does a pool take to build?

We ask for 6-8 weeks, but we are typically finished sooner depending on the weather.

Does the shape of the pool change the price?

No. The pricing of the pool is based on the perimeter. Every custom pool is designed by hand to fit perfectly in the customer's yard.

Diving or non-diving depth?

While most pools have a designated deeper end with possibly a dive rock, fewer pools are being built with the actual diving board depth.

Is it cheaper to build in the winter months?

Yes. To keep our crews busy through the year, we are able to discount prices by as much as 10 percent if a contract is signed between November 1-February 28.

What is the cost of adding a spa or hot tub?

Adding a raised spa that is part of the pool and spills over into the pool typically costs from $12k-$14k extra depending on the size. This upgrade affords you the ability to heat the pool, the spa or both. Spas have waterproof controls located at the spa-side to operate the lights, the blowers and the waterfall. There is also an upgrade of a cordless remote option available. Heaters for spas will need a natural gas or propane source.  You may also be interested in a heat pump.

Do your pools come with lighting?

Yes. All of our pool come with a "5G" Pentair Intellibrite unit, and have multiple colors and light shows available.